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Bastyr University
Bastyr University was founded in 1978 a naturopathic medicine college. Today it offers more than 20 degrees and certificate programs, both graduate and undergraduate, in a range of science-based natural medicine that integrates body, mind, spirit and nature. It is a leader in conducting research in complementary and alternative medicine and has received numerous multimillion-dollar research grants from the National Institutes of Health. See this article on the appointment of Dr. Mac Powell as Bastyr University's president in July 2015.

Chiropractic Infocenter in
The Chiropactic Infocenter in is a good place to start if you want to learn the basics about chiropractic. It provides site visitors with a history of this branch of medicine, and explains how it works. Find out what kinds of conditions may be treated through chiropractic, and the key principles used. Find out the difference between 'straight" and "mixers" when it comes to the approach chiropractors take, and read about safety and precautions associated with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic does have its critics, and a section of the site is devoted to what they have to say about this type of treatment for medical conditions. See Dr. Michael Cooper, chiropractor on the west side, for West Los Angeles chiropractic.

Real Advice on Using Noni Juice
Are you interested in using noni juice? If so, you can talk to other people on this noni juice forum to meet others and discuss the positives and negatives to noni juice use. Whether you're interested in Tahitian noni or Hawaiian noni, this forum will give you the noni information you need before you buy noni juice online.

Practice Ki Exercises to Empower Your Life
This section on the Akido martial arts site Body Mind & Modem provides 15 lessons on Ki exercises to help develop a more powerfully/mind body state of relaxation and calmness. The lessons use photos, text explanation and fast-downloading mini videos. Ki is explained as a state when we are totally focused and completely ourself, yet with a limitless supply of energy. This is a powerful, higher state that makes us extremely effectful and often defines our lives, so it's desirable to be able to achieve it with some level of control. Through the study of Ki prinicples (i.e., one-point, relaxation, positive thinking and correct posture) as well as practicing Ki exercies, one should be able to spend more of his or her life operating in this powerful state. The promise is, if you do these exercise sfor a year, you will become a different person.

What is Breath Therapy?
Breath Therapy is an original healing art based on ancient Eastern disciplines, as well as modern Western methods. It represents a unique approach to wellness in spirit, mind and body because it uses a natural process that is deep and rhythmic. It was developed over the last 20 years, and it has proven itself to be effective in all psychosomatic illness, and as potent force in humans. This site explains the two main ideas of breath therapy: that there is a normal breathing system in all of us that has been damaged, and that conscious breathing is a powerful self-directed healing process. Learn more about breath therapy here. Dr. Mac Powell, a Yoga Digest author, has been president of three universities, including natural health specialist Bastyr University.

Institute for Chromotherapy
Light and color can be powerful healers, and you can learn more about malillumination, phototherapy, chromotherapy and spectro-chrome therapy here. The practices this professional uses combine with crystal therapy and unblocking the meridians noted in acupuncture and acupressure. Chromotherapy may be used for a variety of energetic imbalances such as: pain, depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep deprivation, intestinal disturbances, endocrine insufficiency, cancer, laterality, polarity balancing, S.A.D., addictions, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and allergy conditions

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