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Renovating a bathroom requires creativity and extensive planning, especially about the cost, and this comprehensive guide at can help you a lot. First, it will give you an idea on how to choose the fixtures to maximize the space of your bathroom. Next, you will learn how to choose the right builder to do the job and how you can prepare your home while the builders are doing the renovation. The last part provides some recommendations and specific details about the bath ware items for your bathroom renovation project especially if you have a small bathroom. This includes choosing a wall-mounted basin instead of a vanity.

Bathroom Design Advice
For expert bathroom design advice, visit the Bathroom Design Central section of You'll find numerous features here, such as twelve ways to make your small bathroom look and feel larger; how to dress up your cabinets with beautify hardware; how to bring elegance and luxury to your new bathroom, and numberous projects, including some that are inexpensive and simple and don't take much time at all. Learn how organization, fresh color, updated lighting and good accessories can really make a bathroom sparkle. The site has information on fixtures, such as choosing a bathroom sink. There are also articles on lighting. And there are also video features, such as creating a stylish bathroom that is a personal sanctuary.

Bathroom Remodeling from HomeOwnerNet
Here are facts and statistics to help consumers make important financial considerations about bathroom remodeling. Of all the rooms in your house, bathrooms represent the greatest and fastest return on your remodeling investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, more than 80 percent of your bathroom remodeling expenses can be recouped within a year of resale. Not every room in the house offers such a return. Surprisingly, kitchens are sixth on the list with just over 60 percent of the costs returned. Only bathroom additions beat bathroom remodeling with returns over 90 percent. Site features more bathroom remodeling articles, events, projects, a store, resources and a chat room.

Bathrooms on This Old House
The website for This Old House offers a huge section on ideas for the design and planning of bathrooms, for every layout from master bathrooms to half-baths and powder room. The site covers sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, bathroom lighting and small bathrooms. For example, there's a feature called 13 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms. The site provides many photos galleries; for example, there's a photo gallery of the best before and after bathroom remodels, wackiest bath products, and products to outfit a guest bath for $50 or less. On the site you'll find project and advice articles, such as how to properly vent a bathroom, cleaning marble or laying vinyl over ceramic tiles. The site also offers video features, such as trends in bathroom design, how to replace a bathroom vanity, and choosing universal-design bath fixtures.

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