Blue Duvet Covers

A duvet is a soft flat bag of feathers that is often used as a blanket for a warm covering. A duvet that is made of down feathers from the Eider duck is good for insulation. The word ‘duvet’ itself means ‘down’ in the old French language. Duvet is similar to down comforter. Most European people refer to a down comforter as a duvet, whereas the Americans refer to a duvet cover as a duvet. Due to the many terms referring to duvet, sometimes it can be confusing when a person wants to buy a duvet comforter and a duvet cover.

The best duvet is stuffed with goose feather. Basically, goose feather does not smell like the bird such as duck. Some people complain that their duvet smells bad, and that is because of the duck feathers stuffing. In fact, the goose is cleaner than the duck. Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality of duvet, choose one that has goose feather stuffing rather than duck feather stuffing, although the duck feathers might have been cleaned before being stuffed into the duvet.

A duvet cover on the other hand is the cover that protects the duvet blanket like a pillowcase. However, you can use a duvet cover even if you already have bedspread. There was a time when a duvet blanket or comforter was made of rough bag and stuffed with duck feathers. However, now in the modern times, the duvet is luxurious as it is made of high quality fabric such as silk, wool and cotton. Some are even made of micro fibre. Of course, with advances technology, the materials being used are being geared up to provide extra protection and for longer lasting use.

There is a need for duvet covers, because a duvet blanket or comforter is not washable because the water will ruin the stuffing. A duvet cover serves as the protection layer and to keep the duvet fresh and clean. Besides, a duvet cover is changeable, so you can have different designs for each duvet cover. You can have a duvet cover made of silk, wool and cotton with different colours and shapes printed on it. A duvet is the new fashion for bedroom accessories.

You can easily get a duvet cover from any stores selling bedding and sheets. There is a duvet cover for any size from a single to a king size bed. The price might be different, it depends on the quality and the materials of the duvet cover. If it is silk, it will be more expensive than the others. The price can be below $100 or even up to $300. There are many online stores selling duvets as well, and the price might be slightly cheaper. However, some stores charge for the delivery whereas others provide free delivery.

Blue duvet covers are one of the most popular duvet colours among the other duvet covers. Blue is soothing to the eyes. Of course, choosing the right colours that match your room and bedding is the most important. A duvet is a luxury for most people, but if you can afford it, get a high quality duvet that provides long lasting effect and easier to maintain the cleanliness.


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