Specific Types and Locations of Gardening (01)

Discover How to Choose the Right Garden Fountain for You
Outdoor water fountains are a very popular choice right now, and for good reason. Residents of the Far East have understood for centuries that being around running water is soothing for the soul. Now that people living in the Western Hemisphere are getting on board, more and more of them are including garden fountains in their outdoor landscaping plans. Water, in any form, helps us to feel peaceful and serene. Get step-by-step instructions to help you find the right garden fountain here....including the fountain-maker's Cardinal rule! Discover the importance of having a plan in place before you hit the stores; you will be glad you did!

Hydroponics Systems Guide
Hydroponics spans the spectrum of growing, from amazingly simple setups that you can build from materials lying around your home to high-tech, computer-controlled super systems. You can build your own hydroponic growing system, and this site shows you how. It offers a hydroponic tutorial that includes a history of hydroponics, media-based and water culture hydroponic systems, light, nutrients and water, temperature and humidity. Beginners growing tips offer practical facts about conductivity, growing media, light, nutrients, ph and more.

Master Gardeners of California
This online site provides advice to the California home gardener. If you live in such cities as Napa, Monterey, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara or other California cities, you'll find a variety of information about gardening in your area. Learn about events in your area, garden projects you can complete or publications you can pick up to learn more. The California Master Gardener Handbook is also available through the site.

How Hydroponics Works
HowStuffWorks.com provides a substantial introduction to the field of hydroponics. Plants grown in soil-free gardens have the perfect balance of nutrients and water delivered directly to their roots. Crops are no longer forced to expend their limited energy searching for water and food. They grow faster, larger and healthier; paving the way for an even better garden.

Your Pennsylvania Garden: Tips & Chores
Targeted towards Pennsylvanians, these gardening tips tell you the best time to begin your garden and what to grow. For instance, the site instructs that St. Patrick's Day is the traditional time to plant peas and potatoes. Trees & shrubs and lawn care are also discussed thoroughly. Learn how to test your soil, secrets to green lawns and how to prune correctly.


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