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30 Cool Ideas for your Home Office
If you need some cool ideas that you can use an inspiration for your own office at home, here are 30 cool home office designs from Each design has a stunning photo and is accompanied with a brief description. Among the captivating designs are a black and white set up with a modern hanging staircase, a money-saving modular home office, a so-called Eskimo set up, a home office where the cables are hidden under the desk, a simple but beautiful minimalism set up, a wonderfully illuminated set up, and a retro studio-type design.

Are You a Sophisticated Direct Bulk Mailing Marketer? Find Out Here!
From setting goals for your mass mailing, to implementing the steps involved in using bulk mailing software to help you manage the process, this informative site gives you tips you can use. To have a successful direct mail campaign, you need to plan it carefully. Learn about the importance of offering real incentives to your prospects, why you need to conduct tests and track your results, and more. MailersMVP sells the top bulk mailing software programs at a best-price guarantee for organizations that want to do their own direct mail marketing and realize significant postal discounts from USPS.

You Can Negotiate your Auto Body Repair Price
Each auto body repair shop sets its own rates for coverage. Consumers who want to get the best deal should shop around and get quotes from more than one before deciding where to have the work done. This informative article also provides tips for getting a lower price from the auto body shop they have selected to do the work. For great service and a lifetime guarantee in auto body repair Los Angeles, use Westwood Auto Body on the west side.

How to Get Cheap Car Rentals
If your goal is to find cheap car rentalss, you need to start with a plan. Visitors to this site will find a list of detailed suggestions to help you avoid overpaying for a vehicle. Suggestions for finding a cheap car rental include checking out whether a professional association offers a discount as one of its member benefits, shopping around and visiting specialized travel sites. For a Culver City car rental, see Marathon Car Rental, a local company offering excellent rates and service with three locations in Culver City/Marina del Rey, Downey, and Hermosa Beach. Rent A Wreck LA is ideal for monthly car rentals in Los Angeles for under 25 drivers.

Tax Advice for the Small Business Owner
This portal includes links to "hints and kinks" for filing small business tax returns. Topics include deductions for the self-employed, home office deductions, putting your spouse on the payroll, and using your car in your business. There are also links to many small business and home-office related pages and sites on topics like FAQ's, state and federal government regulations for small business, etc.

Important Things You Should Know About Home Office Deduction
Some homeowners are hesitant to apply for home office deduction because it might trigger an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit. To help you out, this article at offers some important information as to whether you are eligible for home office deduction. First, there is no specific definition in the law as to what regular use of home office is. Nevertheless, it is clearly stated that a home office is the principal place of business, and not your principal office. Therefore, it does not matter if you do most of your work outside your home. The article also explains the difference between exclusive- and regular-use tests, and how you can qualify for home business write-offs.

Telecommuting Resources by Gil Gordon
This website put together by Gil Gordon Associates is a great resource for telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office and related topics. It provides a very comprehensive list of telecommuting and telework resources from around the world. Gil Gordon has been involved in the field since 1982 as a writer, consultant and speaker. The purpose of the site is to help employers and managers understand the fundamentals of effective telecommunting so they can implement successful programs. The site's goal is to be a "one-stop" services fcr employers, vendors, policy-makers and others interested in the field. There's an extensive FAQ section, and extensive listing of "how-to" resources.

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