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Kids' Room Decorating Ideas from
The website for Parents magazine provides lots of information for decorating kids' rooms. One article makes the point that decorating a kid's room will be your most fun decorating projects, because, Where else can you paint with crazy color, stencil a raceway on a wall and go crazy with posters? The site offers ideas and information on decorating with different themes, organizers, funky furniture, wall decoration, and many other decorative touches such as an alligator dimmer switch, a hockey stick curtain rod, and ideas for drawer knows, valances, lamp shades, bed curtains and more.

Bring Serenity Into Your Home with a Japanese-Influenced Decorating Scheme Centered Around an Indoor Fountain
Choosing to have a Japanese theme in one room or throughout your entire home means that you want to create a clutter-free space. Balance is key to the effect you are trying to achieve. Your decorating plan will be built around a central object in your room. This could be an altar, an indoor fountain, a still life, or a garden. You may want to display a kimono on a wall as a decorative piece. Obis (a piece of cloth that makes the sash for a kimono) can be used as a table runner, and sake kegs can be used as the base for a lamp, an end table, or a planter to add some greenery to the room.

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an interior designer? Are you going to school right now and want to know which classes would be best for you if your goal is a career in interior design? If you are merely considering a career as an interior designer, this site has information to help you decide of interior design is right for you, information on a variety of interior design career paths, design schools, internship programs that can give you valuable hands-on experience and help speed your career forward, as well as a wealth of educational resources. If you are already a designer you'll find useful information on continuing education, awards and competitions that can enhance your reputation and gain more clients, tips for building your business, products and services, discussion boards so you can learn from your peers, and more. So if your dream is to become an interior designer, or your dream is to take your present interior design business to the next level, this site has what you're looking for.

A Wealth of Fountain Ideas
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and when you visit this site, you will see a variety of colors and styles of outdoor and indoor fountains. When you find one that you would like to learn more about, just click on the hyperlink to see a larger image. You will also see what style type the fountain you are interested in falls under, the dimensions, and the type of mount you are looking at. With the great selection of wall mounted fountains, waterfall fountains, and glass fountains, you have a lot of options to consider when looking for a fountain for your home or office.

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