The Advantages of Hard or Soft Mattresses

We all have a bed in our home, and that means we all have a mattress. As much as we like to take out time and spend our hard earned cash on a fancy new bed frame, we should also take our time and effort on finding the perfect mattress.

It is important to be comfortable whilst we sleep as we can cause ourselves harm if we are sleeping on a mattress that irritates our muscles and joints. Studies show that if you find the correct mattress for your own body you will keep your body feeling young and pain free.

The first decision you have to make is whether you prefer a soft or a hard mattress to sleep on. It is commonly thought that if you have back issues you should stick to a hard mattress, as a soft one can cause irritation in the lower back. But a word to the wise, a too hard mattress can also cause back pain, so it is about finding a balance.

Soft mattresses on the other hand are most people’s ideal mattress, as they have this image of sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud. For people who have always slept on soft mattresses and do not suffer from any back pain, they will find that they can cope perfectly well on a soft mattress. In some cases, the softer the better. But if you go from a hard to a soft mattress then you will probably find a change in the scale of back pain.

In a nutshell the best kind of mattress is one that is neither too soft nor too hard. This leaves you with a semi-soft mattress or a semi-hard mattress to choose from. This always comes down to personal choice. You will only know if you try them out. Once you have laid on them you will know which one it is to be.


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