Help in Caring for Seniors/Elders (01)

Chiropractic Care Basic Information for Seniors
This page at is an archive of posts about the different health problems of elderly people such as Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A section contains valuable information about chiropractic, including its definition, history, philosophy, education, and research. An article is dedicated to people who plan to visit a chiropractor for the first time and what should they expect. Another article provides a summary of a research study on finding alternative forms of care for rheumatologic conditions. The result suggests that chiropractic is the number one on the list, and that 73% of the patients who had tried chiropractic care said it was helpful to them.

A New Slant on Senior Aging
Seniors and caregivers will appreciate the articles on this website, which is run by Seniors, Inc. Topics include a benefits checklist, how to stay active and keep a healthy mind, understanding long-term health insurance like Medicare and Medicaid, understanding aging, talking to your parents about senior-related issues and independence, and choosing a long-term care provider. There are valuable links to sites like AARP, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, so all of the aging related information you need is right at your fingertips.

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility: What You Should Know
If you are thinking about putting your aging parent or loved one in an assisted living facility, this is a good place to help you weigh your options for the best senior care. Topics include information such as: what is an assisted living facility, what types of assisted living centers are available, how to choose an assisted living facility, how much it costs for your loved one to live at an assisted living facility, and assisted living references and resources. There is also a section on Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and a section about other challenges of aging. Personal stories from caretakers and senior citizens top off this site as a valuable resource.

The Mayo Clinic's Take on Chiropractic Care
If you're looking for some of the most qualified data available on chiropractors and their specialty, the Mayo Clinic's web site includes a page specifically targeting back pain and whether or not chiropractic can be the answer for you. you'll get their take on the latest research, what chiropractors do, and whether or not its a safe option to consider. The page also contains guidelines for how to consider chiropractor care options, back pain prevention tips, and links to other back pain articles. And the multimedia link offers up a number of photo illustrations on joints and spinal anatomy.

Support for Caregivers: An Online Hub
Family caregivers, unite! The Caring Today site includes plenty of advice for caregivers, especially those taking care of the elderly. Topics include: understanding illness, taking time for yourself, senior citizen nutrition, senior citizen gear, legal aspects, support for caregivers and more. There are stories here so caregivers can read about others who have successfully cared for their aging parents, and themselves. A section on finances can help caregivers determine if they want to put their parents in a nursing home or assisted living center, or if they can find a home care program for seniors. Other topics include: managing long-distance caregiving, short-term assisted living options and firing a bad caregiver.


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