Help in Caring for Seniors/Elders (02)

Caring for Elderly Parents: The Book
Seniors face many issues as they age, including the possibility of reduced spending power, rising health care costs, loss of health insurance—not to mention medical issues. This book by Ruth Whybrow discusses what parents face as they age, what to do and say to aging parents, coping with health problems of the elderly or aging parents and reconciling differences with aging parents. An ideal gift for a friend dealing with aging parents.

Help the Aged: Avoiding Poverty and Neglect of Seniors
This is the homepage for a site called Help the Aged, which fights to free disadvantaged elderly people in the United Kingdom and across the world from poverty, isolation and neglect. Sections include: biomedical, social policy for seniors, outcomes and strategies. The group funds major research studies on aging on topics from social science, social policy and economics to biomedical science. The goal is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.

Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, Treatment and More
>From the Alzheimer’s disease Education and Referral Center on the Web, you can get useful Alzheimer’s disease information. Sections include general information on Alzheimer’s disease, causes and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, how to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and how to treat Alzheimer’s disease. There are booklets you can print out about Alzheimer’s disease as well, and there is clinical trial information and a section for caregivers.

Food Safety Education for the Elderly
Many may or may not realize this, but as we age, everything about our bodies, our senses and our ability to ward off illnesses changes. Senses are changed by medications and we become more susceptible to illnesses that don’t seem as easy to remedy. This is also true for food. Food-borne illnesses are a real threat and, without the proper education, improper handling of food is very risky. Use this site to learn safe food handling, temperature guidelines and food delivery safety precautions. Arming yourself with these resources will keep you protected and reduce the risk of contracting a food-borne illness.

Support for Aging, Dying Grieving
ElderHope’s mission is to help people cope with people aging and dying, and to help people through the grieving process after a loved one has passed away. There is a forum where caregivers and grievers can get support, and other sections that include books of interest, a blog about caring for the elderly and plenty of website links to other places on the Web where caregivers can get support. A section where you can check out hospitals, doctors, home health aides—and get information about Medicare drug plans—is also included.

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