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33 Great Ideas of Home Improvement Designs
This post by Linda D. at features 33 awesome ideas on how to a dream home would probably look like. Each of the home improvement designs is somehow unimaginable, but very creative in nature. Examples are a so-called aquarium bed; a chandelier that can make a room look like a forest; having beach sand under a work desk; a swing set table; a cat transit system; a see-through bath tub, and a backyard cinema. There is also an exterior house wall that plays music every time it rains, a skate-park inside a room, and many more incredible home designs.

The Art of Interior Design
This site has thousands of images from the world of fashion, style and design. Once you find an image that interests you, click it to enlarge it. I can almost guarantee the detail and the beauty of these images will amaze you, and the written information that accompanies each image provides insights and tips that you'll find nowhere else. Learn the 20 hottest fashion trends and the 20 not-so-hot fashion no-no's. Peek in the windows of some of the hottest fashion shops in Toronto and see what's in and what's out in the ultra hip world of fashion, everything from Hermes watches, to Indian motorcycles to Cleopatra's jewelry, it's all Absolutely Fabulous, sweetie darling.

100 Leading Interior Designers Reveal Decorating Secrets
This slideshow page at was prepared by Lisa Cregan. It is a very huge compilation of decorating tips from 100 experts, including Christopher Peacock, Myra Hoefer, Carleton Varney, Benjamin Dhong, Anthony Baratta, and many more. Peter Dunham suggests that a white wall should be accompanied with art. On the other hand, Richard Mishaan says a small painting above the sofa should be placed a bit to the left, and not in the center. When buying fabric, J. Randall Powers strongly recommends having an allowance of two yards on the last order. David Easton then suggests reversing fabric of one of its side is strong.

About.Com's Guide to Interior Decorating
Take your time and really check out this site because it is filled with a surprising number of articles on a wide variety of decorating ideas and tips. Let's start with paint. There's a guide to the top 8 paint manufacturers, and if you scroll down the page after reading the paint manufacturer's guide you'll find a whole array of additional painting articles. There are also articles on interior paint finishes, interior paint colors and even an article filled with very useful drying tips. Click on Banish Boring With a Bathroom Update and you'll find all sorts of helpful information on updating and decorating your bathroom. There are articles on decorating Boy's Rooms, including such topics as themes for boys' rooms, rugs, furniture that can stand up to kids, plus some inspirational ideas for making a room your boy will actually like. If you've got a kid going off to college there's a wonderful set of articles on decorating a dorm room, including 8 steps to creating your dorm room, 10 best dorm comfort items, themes for dorm décor and more. You'll find helpful articles on bed linens, bathroom fixtures, designer kitchen appliances and a whole lot more. If you're considering giving your home or any part of your home a make-over I highly recommend that you check out this site; no matter what your plans are this site has an article or a tip that can make the job and your life a whole lot easier.

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