Specific Types and Locations of Gardening (02)

Indoor Plant Grow Light Guide
This page on ACF Greenhouses site is very informative about the options and what's involved in using horticultural lighting systems to extend your growing season by bringing plants indoors or just getting a jump start on seedling ahead of the late frost. It outlines the main types of lighting systems. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is moswt e3fficient, and there are two types: metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Fluorescent grow lights have low output and are energy efficient; the most popular are CFL (compact flurescent grow lights) and T5 tube grow lights. Incandescent lights are the most inexpensive but also the most inefficient and are best used for individual plants. LED grow lights are the newest lighting option, but the site claims it has tested many and found none that can outperform cheaper fluorescent lights of similar voltage. The page provides a useful light output comparison chart and a heat output chart.

Grow Lights for Indoor Gardeners
Indoor gardeners starting seeds and plants become very dependent on grow lights when the cold winter clouds don't let the sun and heat into the greenhouse. This article discusses the importance of grow lights. With a grow light you will find that you can get up to 10 times more lumens from a grow light, per light per bulb than if you were using a incandescent bulbs. Grow lights give the plants heat and light that they need to grow. It discusses how recent advances in fluourescent technologies give you a lot of options. You can use fluorescent to start seeds or grow full-size plants. Specific lamps are discussed, such as the T-12 and T-8 and high-output T5 fluorescent, which product twice the light. There are also compacts and high-intesity discharge (HID) lights, and many more.

Gardening in the UK
This UK site hosts a lot of great gardening information that is tailored for the UK climate. Read about plant profiles, garden projects, or take a garden tour. Ask an expert and learn more about gardening that you could ever imagine. An e-diary contains information about garden events. Check out the current weather in any part of the world. A search engine will help you find a gardening business near you. For extra resources, check out the gardening shop or browse the gardening books. DIY information is on the site, along with beautiful pictures of various gardens.

Doctor Greenfingers' Online Gardening Advice
Doc Greenfingers offers a "gardening help and advice clinic" for gardeners. Tailored for UK residents, but beneficial for everyone, you can read about jobs you can do each month in your garden. Learn how to grow fruit, vegetables & herbs by getting tips from experts. Read up on how to get your lawn looking green and weed-free. If you are a beginner gardening, you can get lots of advice on how to start a new garden. Learn how to remove and control weeds and pests. You can also get advice on buying seeds and planting them. Each section has a clinic-type name, which makes the site fun.

Visit the site: GardenSpecific.com

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