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Interior Design Game
This is an interactive game that can be used for entertainment or home decoration preparation. Includes model flooring, lighting, bedroom ideas, bathroom decorating, living room, kitchen decorating, building, exteriors and more. A how-to guide is also offered, as are a wide array of patterns and design and decoration ideas.

Redesigning Your Home
Is your home ready for a redesign? You're not sure? You're not sure what a redesign is? Then click on Questions and prepare to be educated. Redesign is creatively designing spaces using primarily what you already have, or blending the old with the new, or putting a new room together to accentuate the warmth, beauty, and function of the space. If you want to make your old room feel like new without buying all new furniture then this site is what you are looking for. Learn how redesigning saves money over redecorating, and how the creative placement and clever use of art, accessories and lighting can give a dull and drab room a whole new lease on life. Learn how redesigning allows you to keep the style you like while enhancing it and making it come to life all over again. If redesign sounds like the kind of home make-over you have in mind, then this site should be your first stop.

Interior, Exterior Design and Decoration offers a bulletin board with some recent postings on designing rooms, crown molding and linoleum. Some of the older postings address paint color ideas, roll-up blinds and more.

Gothic Martha Stewart
Billed as DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined, this page by writer, costumer and traveler Trystan L. Bass offers several articles on the concept of What if Martha Stewart was a Goth?. There's an introduction to the concept, which is the place to start. It explains that there was an newsgroup that discussed how to make the users homes as beautifully gothic as wardrobes. And since a lot of their projects were adapted from Martha's Good Things, they realized that many of her ideas were perfectly suited to Goth, and the only changes needed were color, e.g., taking sea foam greens and eggshell blues and instead using black and burgundy. The page includes an article on motifs: themes and style in gothic home decor. There's a piece on project you can do to advance a gothic ambiance, titled Goth "Good Things" in keeping with the Martha Stewart theme. There a big section on gothic weddings, providing ideas, examples and tips, which includes questions and answers, motifs and themes, examples of mainstream wedding clothes, decor and trappings that can be used to subtly provide a gothic flair to your wedding, and a gothic wedding "Good Things" page. Finally there's a section on shopping to show you what types of stores to look in first, as well as a shopping list of things to hunt down.

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