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Questions About Timing Your Kitchen Remodel are Answered at NKBA.Org
Deciding whether or not to take on a major kitchen remodeling project is not a simple "yes" or "no" process—there are a number of factors you need to consider prior to calling a contractor. This online resource will walk you through the decision making process, with issues to consider such as space requirements, traffic flow, children in the home, efficiency, universal design, and location—all important ingredients in a successful kitchen remodeling project. Here you can also find links to other useful information, such as how to hire a certified designer, the National Kitchen and Bath Association's "Best Designs of 2007," product news and a glossary of terms so you aren't left in the dark when your contractor starts throwing big words around.

Making a Decision About Kitchen Cabinets? Let Sort It Out
If you aren't a professional, then it could be a difficult remodeling call to make—whether or not your kitchen cabinets can be reface or if you should just ditch them altogether. This online article by Tom Feiza provides the options you as a homeowner face when you're presented with this dilemma during a kitchen remodeling project. Once you choose between repainting, refacing or replacing your cabinets, you can also find detailed tips on how to accomplish this renovation on your own.

Trendy Home Improvement and Remodeling Tips Available at
Here's a site for anyone looking for the latest in home improvement trends—and how to get the job done. You'll find useful tips on not just a bevy of remodeling and decorating ideas, such as kitchen, attic and bath remodels, but advice on how to make the best of a project, such as learning appropriate time management skills. there are home improvement and renovation financing tips, and buying guides that offer advice on working with contractors and using the right building supplies.

Workbench Design: Adjustable, Heavy Duty, and Cabinets Are All Possibilities
If you want to see workbench designs that offer more than a basic flat space for you to work on, visit this informative site. It offers examples of traditional workbench designs, along with cabinet and adjustable workbench styles. You can also check out some creative examples of workbench designs submitted by readers, including an interesting one that incorporates a couple of inexpensive laminate workbench tops to make a distinctive workbench. Be sure to click on the links to related sites provided.

Homeowners Can Find Roof Repair Help Here
When you are looking for roof repair help, visit this informative website. You will get information you can use to determine whether a roof repair should be performed personally and when it makes more sense to call in a professional roofer for help. The cost of roof repair services is also addressed on this site, and visitors can find out the difference in price between hiring a roofer, handyman or choosing the DIY route.

Watch It Before You Do It—Online Videos Guide You Through Remodeling Process is a thorough online reference for all sorts of homebuilding and renovation projects, with a number of detailed articles and advice on projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, home refinancing tips, organic gardening, patios and decks. However, a key feature to this renovation information site is its online videos—here, you can see the pros in action before trying it yourself. For example, this site shows you how to select new construction windows, learn about casement windows for your home or how to install laminate flooring. There are also great links to follow for locating homebuilding, remodeling, and real estate professionals in your area.

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